How to Register a Domain Name

What the Heck is a Domain Name?

Domain Name is a unique name or an easy-to-remember address to access a website. These domain names are used to hide the I.P. Address of the Server. Domain Name is Easy to Remember than an I.P. Address. For Example, the IP address is you can also access FaceBook from this IP Address but which one is easy to remember domain or IP Address. Of course, a domain name is way easier to remember than an IP Address.

How to Register a Domain Name

Step 1. Choose your Registrar

There are plenty of domain registrars in the market here is the list of names of popular registrars,,,,,, Domains.Google You choose your registrar as per your budget. Here’s a Tip You can use TLD-List website to compare the price of your domain extension. For this time we will be using

Tip: If you are registering .com Domain then use it cost $1 for the first year (Purchase it with Hosting Plan)

Step 2: Search Your Domain Name

Search Your Domain name in the domain checker. In my case, I’m using Select the appropriate extension for you. In my case, it’s my main domain which is available for $0.99/yr.

Step 3: Select your Registration Period

Select the Registration Period for my case its 1 Year

Step 4: Create an Account

For Fast Signup I am using My Google Account to do Signup Simple…

Step 5: Select Your Payment Method

There are 4 Methods available in my case. I am using my Credit Card.

Step 6: Confirm your order and Verify Your Email

After Successfully completing your order verify your email address

Step 7: Finish Domain Registration

Add you Details to complete your domain registration and verify your contact information in email.


You may receive Your domain is pending verification but it will get removed within an hour. Your domain is successfully registered now. From your domain dashboard, you can manage your domain DNS and Name Servers.

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